Expert electrical solutions within your budget.

  • Residential electrical services
  • Residential electrical services
  • Residential electrical services
  • Residential electrical services
  • Residential electrical services
  • Residential electrical services
  • Residential electrical services

New Hampshire’s Residential Electrical Services

Harry-O Electrical is your residential electrical company. Whether your need is in the area of new construction, additions and renovations, or solar, Harry-O Electrical can assist you. The “O-Team” at Harry-O Electrical has a passion for providing safe and reliable electrical service in your home.

We know that most homeowners do not have the ability to install or upgrade residential wiring to code safely and effectively. The “O-Team” has what you need to get the job done right!

New Construction Electrical Services in NH

Harry-O Electrical works closely with residential contractors to provide quality electrical work in new homes. We provide complete residential electrical services. If you are a homeowner or a contractor looking for outstanding electrical expertise, look no further than the “O-Team” at Harry-O Electrical Inc.

We offer residential electrical services for:

  • New Homes

  • Renovations and Home Additions

  • Devices: outlets, breakers, switches

  • Lighting Installations

  • Solar

Electrical Services for NH Contractors

Are you a contractor or a homeowner building an addition? There are a lot of factors to consider when expanding the electrical system in a house. For example, the electrical panel may need to be upgraded to a higher amperage. Our licensed professionals at Harry-O Electrical offer extensive industry knowledge, right down to how to achieve the best lighting.

If you’re a building contractor, let Harry-O handle the electrical wiring in your next renovation or addition project! We have the expertise that will keep any electrical system safe and efficient.

NH Residential Solar System Installation

Residential solar

Harry-O Electrical provides rebate incentives through residential solar system installation. Experience power that is generated efficiently, providing your home with the potential to create more renewable energy than you need! Contact us to learn more about our solar system installation services.

  • Quick installation

  • Energy Star tax credits

  • Reduce the amount of energy you purchase

  • Incentive checks for renewable energy

Certified Residential Electrical Company in NH

At Harry-O Electrical Corp, all our staff electricians are OSHA certified and receive regular training in electrical system technology and electrical safety. If your home needs electrical upgrades, give Harry-O Electrical a call. We combine friendliness, job efficiency, and professional service at an affordable cost. We have the skills and experience to do any job properly. Contact us for your project estimate today!

 Let our “O-Team” work for you. 

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